Automotive Bushings

Engineers in the vehicle industry are constantly improving performance and functionality. That’s where our automotive bushings expertise and engineering capabilities converge.

As a bushing manufacturer, we can provide numerous material options and technical support to make sure the bushing’s performance is maximized based on the application.

Automotive bushings help to facilitate movement in many applications including belt tensioners, seat recliners and frames, and door hinges. When linked with CCTY’s line of automotive bearings, engineers have full access to proven and durable motion control.

Seat Recliner Bushings

Seats in passenger cars do everything from reclining the seat to elevating and sliding it forward. Bushings are also found in headrests and armrests, and seat frame.

Self lubricating materials enable the seat to move with fluid motion, low NVH and a small clearance.

Seat Recliner Bushings

Seat Recliner Bushings

Seat Recliner Bushing TPA - 150

Comprised of PTFE, sintered bronze and steel backing, the TPA bushing has proven to supersede competitors bushings:

  • TPA Bushing has superior results against competing brands
  • Excels in stall wear cycle tests
  • Stable low coefficient of friction
  • Speed up to 20 degrees per second
  • TPA Min 2,500 Nm Torque // H-TPA Min 5,500 Nm Torque

Bushings for Seat Frames

TSA Bushing for windshield wiper arms

TSA is a versatile bushing that is used in seat frame applications.

The bushing features surface PTFE and additives, porous bronze and low carbon steel backing. This material composition results in low friction and excellent wear resistance, which provides a long operation life.

Shock Absorber Bushings

Piston and Guide Bushings

CCTY’s TLA bushing material is compatible with all types of shock absorber oils and does not swell. It presents low friction over the entire life of the bushing. The environmentally-friendly material has excellent wear resistance even with inadequate lubrication. Slide and guide bearings from CCTY are:

  • Maintenance-Free
  • Lead-Free
  • Temp Range -200°C to 280°C

A full range of shock absorber bearings, eyelets and bushings are available from CCTY.

Belt Tensioner Bushings

Transmission Bushings

Tie Rod Bushings

Windshield Wiper, Hinge and Trunk Bushings