Steering Axle Bearings

Steering axle engineers are constantly looking for ways to improve functionality and performance. That’s where our bearing axle expertise and engineering capabilities meet.

CCTY Bearing Company provides a variety of steering axle bearings and bushings, along with material and finishing options. When added to the technical support, it is easy to see why OEMs choose CCTY Bearing Company for axle applications.

Steerable Axle Bearings & Tie Rods

Tie Rod Assemblies

Tie rod assemblies are available threaded, crimped and welded. CCTY Bearing Company offers a number of finishes and materials – along with expert technical support to find the best solution for your axle design.

Planetary Gear Bearings for Wheel Drives

Planetary gearboxes output a large torque within a small design envelope. When choosing a planetary gear bearing for wheel drives, look for a bearing with low friction, long life and high reliability.

Differential Bimetal Bushings

Bimetal bearings are able to handle heavy loads and have very good resistance to fatigue at higher temperatures, making them a good fit for differential applications. They feature steel backing and sintered bronze sliding surface. Available in MBA and MBB formulations.

Kingpin Assembly Bushings and SPBs

Kingpin assemblies require the right bearings that include angular contact spherical plain bearings and bushings. CCTY Bearing Company has a variety of options available to OEM design engineers.