Deskside Chats: Universal Joints (Video)


Bearing manufacturers have a number of skilled engineers on staff – along with people who have been in the industry for decades. One of the great things about having these folks as coworkers is the way that they are able to explain complex concepts.

John Sweetwood has always been available to breakdown the features of bearings and bearing assemblies. As a novice, I appreciate his easy-to-comprehend examples and analogies. Since others may find this same information useful, we’re now recording these deskside chats.

Bear with us as we get this new project rolling. Overtime, we’ll get savvier with our video editing and maybe throw in a title card or two. Until then, enjoy a true-to-life view of these deskside chats.

Up first … universal joints and lip seals.

We appreciate your feedback and ideas for what we should cover next. Just leave your thoughts in the comments below.