Robotic Bearings

Humanoid robots can now move with a seamless, lifelike grace that is enabled by a complex interplay of precision engineering, advanced materials and cutting-edge technology.

While articulating joints are responsible for the range of motion, bearings play a vital function in ensuring the smooth and fluid movement of humanoid robots. This requires the meticulous performance of their components, making the choice of bearings a critical engineering decision.

At CCTY, we believe a customized approach to bearing design, material selection and engineering is the best course of action for the evolving robotics industry. Our team of experts works directly with customers to engineer the exact component they need for their specific application.


CCTY offers a range of high-performance bearings tailored to the meticulous demands of the robotics industry. From spherical plain bearings and linkage assemblies to bearings for linear and rotatory actuators, our products ensure smooth and precise movement in all robotic applications.

Humanoid Rotary Actuator Bearings:

Humanoid Linear Actuator Bearings:

Multi-Use Robotic Bearings:


We are more than just a bearing manufacturer.

CCTY serves as a trusted innovation and education partner—working closely with robotic companies to develop highly customized bearing solutions that outperform conventional designs.

  • Fully Customized Design: Our bearings are tailored to meet the unique specifications of each customer, reducing the number of individual components and minimizing tolerance stackup. This approach provides greater flexibility in robot design.
  • Simplified Assembly Process: Our integrated bearing and housing assemblies further simplify the design and manufacturing process, eliminating the burden of tolerance control for our customers. Designed to precise torque and clearance requirements, our assemblies are fully tested to ensure reliability. This integration not only speeds up production, but saves time and resources as companies scale their operations.
  • In-House Testing: CCTY conducts rigorous performance testing on all custom-designed products, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. We are committed to providing fast turnaround times for product development and customer service, enabling our customers to stay ahead in the competitive robotics industry.