Flexible Ball Bearings

Flexible ball bearings have a number of applications, especially in robotics. They are found in rotary actuators and wave generators of harmonic drive mechanisms.

Key Features of Flexible Ball Bearings

Flexible ball bearings have very thin sections and will transform into an oval shape when assembled by a camshaft.

  • Takes the shape of mated components
  • Low friction torque
  • Long lifespan
  • Suitable for radial loads, limited axial load capabilities
  • Compact and lightweight
Flexible ball bearing from CCTY for robotics

Customizing Flexible Ball Bearings

Flexible ball bearings do not have to be standard sizes or designs, as they can be heavily customized to excel in the application.

  • Nonstandard sizes
  • Nonstandard design
  • Extended inner and outer rings
  • Customization of torque and clearance specifications

Low Friction Torque

Once a flexible ball bearing is assembled into housing, it can achieve low friction torque. Engineering support from a design-to-manufacture supplier can work with your application engineers to lower torque and reduce backlash.

Flexible Ball Bearing Samples in 30 Days

CCTY understands that robotic engineers are working under tight timelines. Our team that can turnaround samples within 30 days when provided prints and early access to design needs. Contact us for full details.