Tie Rod Assemblies & Linkages

Tie Rod Assemblies and Linkages

Our tie rods are made from high high-quality steel; the parts then undergo induction hardening to provide reliable performance. CCTY offers a variety of inner and outer assemblies tailored to reach your specified torque ratings. Each product is unique in its design, made to fit your application.

Tie Rod Assemblies

Used in suspension systems, tie rods are imperative to all vehicles. Ask about our inner and outer tie rod assemblies.

Heavy Duty Truck Tie Rods

CCTY manufacturers a number of tie rods for agriculture machines, construction equipment and mining trucks. 

Black Tie Rod with Ball Joint Assembly
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Tie Rod Linkages


Original equipment manufacturers know that they can trust CCTY to design linkages for unique applications. Our tie rods and linkages are found in applications ranging from snowmobiles and forklifts to lawn mowers and street sweepers.