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planetary gear bearing

CCTY Bearing Company is expanding its product line with planetary gear bearings with the RN/RNN series.

Torque Converter Bushing

CCTY Bearing Company has a full line of automotive bushings for applications that include torque converters, shock absorbers, dual mass flywheels, transmissions, seats and belt tensioners. 

u-joint exploded view

A square ball has redesigned the century-old universal joint. It’s a smoother, stronger bearing. capable of transferring torque through misaligned applications.

2024 Press Coverage

Metal-to-Metal or Self-Lubricating Spherical Plain Bearings: Which is Better for my Robot?
Machine Design
Published: June 21

CCTY to Showcase Humanoid Robot Bearings at 2024 Robotics Summit & Expo
Robotics 24/7
Published: April 30

CCTY Presents Bearings for Humanoid Robots
Rocking Robots
Published: April 30

CCTY to Showcase Bearing Solutions at the Robotics Summit & Expo
The Robot Report
Published: April 29

Humanoid Robots Move Gracefully with CCTY Technology
Robotics Tomorrow
Published: April 29

2023 Press Coverage

CCTY Bearing Fabricates Unique Components for Specific Applications
Next Generation Construction
Published: December Issue

Heavy Truck Chassis: Maximising Longevity
Equipment India
Published: November 24

2022 Press Coverage

CCTY Bearing Launches Podcast
Published: April 4

New Podcast from CCTY Bearing
OEM Off Highway
Published: April 1

2020 Press Coverage

Strong Push for Self-Lubricating Tie Rods
OEM Off-Highway Podcast
Published: November 24

Bushing Line for Automotive Seating
Design and Development Today
Published: March 29

Hacking the Crisis
Design World
Published: March 28

An Interview with Evan Poulakidas
Bearing Tips Podcast
Published: February 11

2019 Press Coverage

CCTY Bearing Company Releases Seating Line
Crain Hot Line
Published: October 15

TLA Steel-Backed Bushing
OEM Off-Highway
Published: May 22

Universal Joint, U-joint, Ujoint with a square ball

Square Ball Universal Joint
OEM Off-Highway
Published: February 15

Can We Redesign the Universal Joint?
Published: January 31

2018 Press Coverage

Magical Shapes
Engines of Our Ingenuity
Published: August 8

New RN & RNN Cylindrical Roller Bearings Offer Heavy Load Capacity
Published: July 7

Planetary Gear Bearings
Design World
Published: June 26

The Aha Moment that Led to this Square Ball
Crains Chicago
Published: March 8

Agriculture Technology Podcast
RDO Equipment
Published: July 26

Planetary Gear Bearings
Design World
Published: July 26

CCTY Bearing Company Expands Product Line with Planetary Gear Bearings
Published: July 27

2017 Press Coverage

CCTY Bearing Company Announces Expansion of Bushing Line
Lift and Access
Published: November 8

2016 Press Coverage

Simplified CVT Clutch Roller Assembly Set Now Available
PowerSports Business
Published: June 15

CCTY Bearing Company Partners with Rockford Engineering Components
OEM Off Highway
Published: September 19

Hip to be Square: New U-joint “Square Ball” Design is Smoother
than it Sounds

Design World and Coupling Tips
Published: September 28

Advancing high-performance bearing development with Solidworks Solutions
Published: October

Design Engineering
Published: November 22