Motion Control Solutions

Case Studies

Bronze Bushing Inquiry Leads to Critical Design Improvement

A new bulldozer design required an array of aluminum bronze bushings measuring from 3-1/2 to 5-1/2 inches. CCTY reviewed the application, its loads and the mating components of the requested bushings. Concern was raised that the design lengths of the bushings were too long relative to the application loads on the shafts. The kind of loads that might create excessive shaft deflection within the bushings length.

Motion Control Solution

Backed by results from the FEA and field tests, the OEM’s team implemented the shorter bronze bushing with CCTY’s tolerance recommendations. The correctly engineered bushing fully protects the expensive shaft and handles the rigorous application loads generated from bull dozing.

Solving Critical Boom Challenge within One Week

An OEM was experiencing worldwide failure of their telehandler’s boom retraction and was in dire need of a solution. CCTY helped to redesign the bearing in one week.

Motion Control Solution

Through open collaboration between the OEM and CCTY engineers, the OEM was able to obtain replacement parts within six weeks.

The smoother boom retraction attributed to chain roller bearings have:

  • Lower friction
  • Lower wear
  • Maintenance-free use as they do not require relubrication

The OEM now has a bearing that will provide a longer life for the telehandler boom.

Forklift Tie Rod Improves Service Life
& Saves Cost

When a forklift OEM provided samples for a tie rod quote, we took a look at the overall design. Based on knowledge from working with similar applications in the commercial truck industry, the engineers were able to improve the tie rods used in the steering mechanism.

Motion Control Solution

CCTY’s engineers focused on improving the connections with a self-lubricated, metal-on-nylon design. This arrangement allows for higher impact loads while eliminating the need for maintenance, as well as the spring and cups.

For the past five years, the OEM has successfully used metal-on-polymer tie rods in its forklift steering application.

The CCTY solution proved to be a:

  • Maintenance-free design
  • Prolonged service life
  • Cost advantage from the part reduction
  • Smoother steering
  • Streamlined approach to assembly

Torque Converter Bushings Delivered Against Aggressive Timeline

A prospective customer was in need of a solid ring bushing that could be held to super-precise inner diameter (ID) and outer diameter (OD) tolerances for a torque converter application. The Tier 1 supplier was under a tight prototyping schedule from their OEM customer and needed to hit specific benchmarks on time.

Motion Control Solution

Through open collaboration between the OEM and CCTY engineers, the OEM was able to obtain replacement parts within six weeks.

CCTY offered material selection and design assistance that met their customer’s needs – and timeline. CCTY’s solution proved to be:

  • The Right Fit for OEM Requirements
  • Time-sensitive
  • Responsive to Multiple Sample Requests
  • Scalable Based on Production Fluctuations

All-in-One Ball Joint

A prospective customer was having sourcing, quality, assembly and maintenance issues with some of the ball joint components used on the front suspension of rugged utility vehicles.

Motion Control Solution

CCTY designed a solution that eliminated the ball joint issues, which also proved to be:

  • Less expensive
  • Cleaner and faster to assemble on the production line
  • Easier to source by consolidating three part numbers
  • More reliable than previous design

Delivery During a Strike

When contract negotiations between shoremen and waterfront employers broke down, docks along the West Coast went on strike. As a result, containers were left to languish on the water for weeks. CCTY made plans ahead of the strike to keep deliveries on time- and customer’s production lines on schedule.

Motion Control Solution

CCTY was monitoring the progression of talks and began routing shipments through an alternate source weeks before the strike. This foresight allowed customers to keep their production lines on schedule without an increase in transportation fees.

Getting it Right: The Second Time

A snowmobile customer needed a stronger ball joint than what was originally specified for a new design. CCTY helped to redesign and ship the new samples in 70 days.

Motion Control Solution

CCTY’s design and manufacturing capabilities allowed the client to continue testing the sled without interruption. In the end, the CCTY solution proved to be:

  • A time sensitive response
  • The right solution that passed all of the client’s life and durability testing
  • Streamlined as the client could continue to use one ball joint for their entire range of sleds

Assembly Solution Solves Vexing Noise Issue

An industrial sweeper OEM was encountering a subtle noise variation within a fan assembly. The occasional noise vexed engineers so their design engineer reached out to CCTY for help. CCTY’s engineers determined the assembly method would benefit with some minor adjustments.

Motion Control Solution

The OEM was able to modify internal processes to eliminate the fan noise without encountering any significant added costs. The solution proved to be an improved assembly process that eliminated fan noise warrantee issues and internal quality assembly rejections. And, a cost neutral solution. The client is now able to manufacturer quiet fans consistently.

Customized SPBs Drive Steering Assembly

A recreational vehicle OEM requested standard spherical plain bearings (SPBs) for a newly designed steering system. During the testing phase, the SPB showed signs of wear and it was determined that the axial clearance needed to be tighter. The OEM asked CCTY’s engineers to modify the bearing’s axial clearance.

Motion Control Solution

Since CCTY has flexible engineering and manufacturing capabilities, a custom part was produced for the OEM within 45 days and is now used in the recreational vehicle’s product line.

High-Heat Stabilizer Link Uses Rod End with PTFE Liner

When it comes to ATV and off-road vehicles, bumps in the road are expected – and even sought out. However, their toll on the suspension system needs to be kept in check. Traditionally, a stabilizer link is added to maintain a smoother ride for the on or off road riding experience.

CCTY learned that the temperature within this particular system would be between 350 and 400 degrees, which would affect life and performance of the plastic resin in the rod end.

Motion Control Solution

CCTY’s engineers replaced the nylon plastic resin insert with a BK1, self-lubricated PTFE-backed bushing which provided long-lasting performance in a high temperature application.