Roller Bearings

Roller bearings play an important role in motion control. They support rotating movement and transfer loads, and are suitable for high rotational speeds. Roller bearings reduce energy consumption, heat and noise.

Cross roller bearing for humanoid robots from CCTY

Cross Roller Bearings

Cross roller bearings offer high load capacity, precision, and a compact design. Used in rotary actuators as the output bearing, they support axial loads from both directions, radial loads, tilting moment loads, and any combination of loads.

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Cylindrical roller bearing

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings with plastic cage bearings have little vibration, low noise, high load capacity, and can improve the limit speed and life of the bearing.

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planetary gear bearing

RNN / Planetary Gear Bearings

Planetary gears require immense power to move heavy equipment while operating within a compact design. Full complement cylindrical roller bearings from CCTY need only a small amount of radial space and provide high load capacity.

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