Bearing Lubricantion

POM and PTFE: A Tale Of Two Polymers

Plastic polymers are becoming more common across a broad range of industries. Due to their high performance and cost effectiveness, they are found in uses ranging from coatings on kitchen cookware to insulating wiring for space shuttle computers.

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Advancements in Lubrication

Science Breakthrough

Lubrication is what keeps a bearing in motion over time. It’s a vital element when it comes to the life of a bearing as it works to lower friction while keeping the bearing from overheating. When friction is low, it results in less energy – and in the case of piston assembly friction reduction in internal combustion engines, less gas and oil.

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Ultra-Durable, Self-Regenerating Lubrication Discovered

Scientific Breakthrough

Lubrication is a key element in a bearing’s performance and life. It aids in preventing wear and lowering friction, along with protection from extreme temperatures, corrosion and oxidation. Depending on individual applications, the lubricant can be oil, grease or next generation of film based technologies.

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