Fidget Spinners Highlight Ball Bearings


They are a hot seller – if you can find them in stock. Fidget spinners are lauded for improving concentration and reducing stress, along with calming some of the anxiety associated with autism. But what are they?  

Simply designed, these tri-armed spinners are an affordable and silent toy. The whirling device can use different ball bearings to adjust the vibration, noise and spin speed. In essence, the ball bearings are providing what they always do: smooth, low-friction motion.

Other features of ball bearings include:

  • Low cost
  • Precise movement
  • Quiet rotation
  • Ability to take both axial and radial loads
  • High speed
  • Low drag
  • Lubricated for life

Ball bearings – also known as deep groove ball bearings– are versatile and found in virtually all rotational devises.

When choosing a ball bearing, the following must be considered:

  • Load
  • Direction of the load
  • Speed
  • Type of Application
  • Lubrication

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Speak with a ball bearing professional to determine the right bearing and lubrication for your application.