The Power of a Square Ball U-Joint


The universal joint has remained fundamentally the same for more than a century. One of CCTY’s design teams, John Sweetwood and Rich Perlberg, found a way to simplify the design making the movement smoother and stronger. The conception of a square ball made it possible.

A universal joint can contain more than 100 individual components. The Square Ball Universal JointTM is comprised of just six. The square ball, two yokes, two pins and a seal comprise the entire assembly. Fewer parts simplified the design allowing for a smoother rotation.

Intermittent movement between misaligned parts, such as those found in steering shaft assemblies, are the ideal fit for the Square Ball Universal Joint. Product testing shows that the Square Ball Universal Joint has a:

  • Smoother Movement
  • Stronger Design
  • Typically a Reduction in Cost

“As a solution-focused manufacturer, we help our customers improve production timelines and reduce costs by engineering – and in some cases – re-engineering traditional parts,” said Evan Poulakidas, Director of North America. “This is another example of how we continually strive to meet the evolving needs of the market.”

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