Torque Converter Bearing Delivered Against Aggressive Timeline


Executive Summary

A prospective customer was in need of a special torque converter solid ring component that could be held to super-precise diameter tolerances. The Tier 1 supplier was under a tight prototyping schedule from their OEM customer and needed to hit specific benchmarks on an aggressive timeline.

CCTY Bearing Company offered material selection and design assistance that met their customer’s needs – and budget. CCTY Bearing Company’s solution proved to be:

  • The Right Fit for OEM Requirements
  • Time-sensitive
  • Responsive to Multiple Sample Requests
  • Scalable Based on Production Fluctuations

The Challenge

A Tier 1 automotive supplier was in need of a part to replace a flanged, split bushing in a new automotive torque converter design. A typical wrapped split style part in the previous designs could not be used in this next generation application.

The design called for a solid ring that had an extremely precise fit and assembly tolerance requirement.

The Solution

Within two months, CCTY Bearing Company‘s engineers and production teams closed in on the material from a number of selection options, received preliminary design approval and produced the necessary parts to meet strict timelines.

Samples of the part were produced and submitted for evaluation within weeks. Afterwards, redesigns had taken place which required a quick turn-a-round. Each time, CCTY Bearing Company expedited production to maintain the testing, evaluation and production approval process timelines.

The Result

The CCTY Bearing Company design, technical assistance, quality and production capability passed all of the automotive OEM’s expectations. In the end, the solution proved to be:

  • A Super-Precise Machined Component
  • The Correct Material Selection
  • A Timeline-Friendly Solution

The customer is very confident in CCTY Bearing Company’s capability and capacity to service their needs as they prepare for a full ramp-up production.