Transmission Torque Converter Bushings


  • The physical construction of torque converter bushings include low carbon steel, bronze intermediate layer and a sliding surface with PTFE and additives
  • Torque converter bushings are optimized for friction and wear resistance in rotational and linear motion
  • Bushings for torque converters play a role in dampening impact, sealing and providing resistance to shock and vibration


Torque converter bushing functionality

Found in automatic transmissions, torque converters are responsible for allowing a vehicle to come to a complete stop without stalling the Torque Converter Bushingengine. Torque converters are a kind of fluid coupling or hydraulic clutching mechanism that allows the engine to be powered slightly still hydraulically independently of the transmission. Torque converter bushings are connected to the flywheel, and are used to momentarily disconnect the engines power output from the transmission. They enable the power supply and transmission to operate under very reliable and safe running conditions.

Composition torque converter bushings

In order to handle demanding loads, speeds and broad temperatures, torque converter bushings are constructed using steel backing, powder bronze intermediate layer and a self-lubricating liner.

What OEMs look for in bushings for torque converters

Original equipment manufacturers look for RoHS-compliant bushing material that are optimized for wear and friction resistance in roTorque Converter Bushing - TOA bushing burnt red interior with steel exteriortational and linear motion. The bushing composition must also be highly stable (precise) and durable when operating at varying use conditions and broad temperature extremes.

Bushings can be manufactured to meet specific application requirements, such as controlling boundary wear and resistance, or hydro-dynamically maintaining erosion resistance and dimensional integrity. Meeting with a bushing specialist at the beginning of a project allows for a discussion on the torque converter bushing’s requirements and how to enhance the overall performance.

The bottom line

Torque converter bushings are an important component in ensuring a smooth transition of power and long performance life.