3 Things Heavy-Truck OEMs Look for in Bearing Manufacturers


Whether it is to raise a boom or carry heavy loads, earth moving trucks rely on bearings. Choosing the right bearing means:

  • Longer life for the heavy truck’s moving applications
  • Potential for maintenance-free bearings
  • Ability to carry stronger static and dynamic loads

Some may argue that all bearings are the same. However, there are differences not only in quality and design, but also in capabilities. Choosing bearings from the right manufacturer will alleviate many performance concerns. Product engineers working in the construction industry know that the following attributes are key success factors.

In-house Bearing Experts. The difference between a bearing manufacturer and bearing distributor is the depth of knowledge. Many distributors are skilled in locating standard bearing options for a particular application. Manufacturers take it a step further by showing the full range of options, building custom solutions, and connecting their engineering department with the OEM design team.

Ability to Quickly React to Design Improvements. In the construction industry, a design flaw can have dire consequences for people operating the equipment. OEMs need a partner who can find a solution under tight timelines, especially when a machine is experiencing problems in the field.

An Innovative Product Line. Manufacturers that produce a full line of bearings, bushings and complimentary motion control components, like rod ends and sway bars, are heavily investing in research and development. Construction OEMs can evaluate manufacturer innovation through the ability to supply:

  • Bearing assemblies – When a manufacturer can supply the bearing’s housing with the same level of quality, it reduces overall costs and streamlines suppliers. For example, CCTY  produces a number of bearing assemblies that include tie rods and rod end linkages for suspension systems in heavy trucks.
  • Cross-over products – A factory that provides bearings across power-use industries such as agriculture, mining and material handling, finds solutions in applications that are similar to the construction industry.  Like the greaseless ball joints CCTY is developing for a tractor. They make the product maintenance-free while being able to handle heavier loads.
  • Patented bearings – The true mark of innovation is a patent. The Square Ball Universal JointTM meets this criteria. It is a u-joint made up of a square ball and seven other parts. Since it has fewer parts than a traditional u-joint’s 100 plus components, it has a smoother rotational torque and, in most cases, has a cost advantage.

Construction OEMs are dependent on motion control safety and reliability. Choosing the right bearing from a solid partner is the first step in designing heavy duty trucks that operate at optimal levels in harsh working environments.