Spherical Plain Bearings & Hydraulic Cylinders


Hydraulic Cylinder Bearings

SPBs or spherical plain bearings are key components in hydraulic cylinders as they are designed to take very heavy loads and impact. Hydraulic cylinders give power to the moving accessories on construction equipment, so having a strong and reliable hydraulic cylinder bearings maintains up time and equipment productivity.

What makes CCTY’s SPBs unique is the ability to dry-apply molybdenum disulfide to the bearing surface in-house. Some spherical plain bearing manufacturers apply a wet mixture with oil or grease and smear over the surface area. This type of application is not only dirty, it lacks uniformity as grease slides over the part’s surfaces.

A dry film sprayed on the SPB and then baked allows for a clean and easy-to-handle assembly and a uniform distribution of the lubricating particles.

Separating the inner and outer ring with a phosphating on the raceway along with a dry film allows the SPB to run smoothly during the break-in stage and prolong the durability life significantly. Phosphating absorbs some of the oil during the start and the moly disulfide protects the surface. After the surface is smooth from running, the grease acts as a lubricant. This combination surface treatment reduces the occurrence of scrape or galling on the SPB.

Bearings that excel in rugged elements, under heavy loads and aggressive run times are necessary. Choosing a manufacturer that understands construction applications and produces bearings specifically designed for the conditions will enable machinery to work more efficiently and last longer.