How Cross Roller Bearings Maximize Precision & Performance

Major technological advancements across growing industries such as manufacturing, logistics and healthcare have resulted in greater demand for precision and sophistication in product design. An example of this is the humanoid robot, a lifelike machine that is designed to replicate human movement with extreme precision and fluidity. Central to achieving this high level of performance …

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CCTY’s Motion Control Product Line for Heavy Truck & Bus Applications

Whether in construction, agriculture or mining, the need for reliable, high-performance motion control within the heavy truck and bus market is crucial. CCTY combines expertise and advanced engineering to deliver superior products that withstand even the harshest environments and heaviest loads. As a leading global manufacturer of motion control solutions, CCTY offers a wide range …

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Employee Spotlight: John Sweetwood, Product Manager

This month, we are highlighting one of our team members, John Sweetwood, who is a product manager based out of our U.S. facility in Lake Zurich, Illinois. With a background in strategic sales management, he provides supply chain solutions and engineering support for our customers throughout North America, with a growing focus on the heavy …

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Robotics Summit & Expo Raffle Winner

Last month, CCTY participated in the Robotics Summit & Expo, an event dedicated to the latest advancements in robotics technology. At this year’s summit, CCTY proudly showcased its groundbreaking articulating joint bearing innovations, which are set to revolutionize the field of humanoid robotics. In addition to displaying our cutting-edge technology, we actively engaged with attendees …

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The Importance of Seals (Explainer)

Seals protect the bearings to insure a longer life and less required maintenance. Working conditions dictate when seals must be part of the design. For example, bi-pedal motion on humanoids that work in warehouses are exposed to dirt and dust. What Seals Do for Bearings Seal Impact on Torque The benefits of seals far outweigh …

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Robotic Backlash: Frequently Asked Questions

Backlash, the clearance or play between components, poses a significant challenge in robotic systems. Left unchecked, it could lead to delays in motion transfer, resulting in imprecise positioning and reduced accuracy. This reduced accuracy causes shaking/jerky motion in the robot’s movement.

Articulating Joints in Robots

The development of humanoid robots has garnered significant attention as they are designed to mimic human form and movement. They rely heavily on articulating joints for their functionality. The seamless motion we observe in humanoid robots is made possible by a complex interplay of precision engineering, advanced materials, and cutting-edge technology, with bearings serving as …

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What are side guide bearings?

The Role of Side Guide Bearings Side guide bearings are vital forklift components designed to ensure stability, precise steering, and reduced wear and tear. They play a pivotal role in guiding the mast assembly and forks along the vertical columns of the lift, providing the forklift operator with control over load handling and height adjustment. …

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The Future of Robotic Automation: Innovations in Motion Control

In the realm of robotics, few creations capture our imagination like robotic humanoids. These remarkable machines, designed to mimic human form and movement, stand as a testament to the advancements in motion control technology. As we venture into an era where robotics and AI intertwine, the fusion of robotic humanoids and cutting-edge motion control techniques …

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