Cross Roller Bearing

How Cross Roller Bearings Maximize Precision & Performance

Major technological advancements across growing industries such as manufacturing, logistics and healthcare have resulted in greater demand for precision and sophistication in product design. An example of this is the humanoid robot, a lifelike machine that is designed to replicate human movement with extreme precision and fluidity. Central to achieving this high level of performance …

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Employee Spotlight: Yaman Obaid & Nick Jerinic, Robotics 

This month, we are highlighting two robotic experts that some of you may have met at the Robotics Summit & Expo last week. Yaman Obaid, robotics engineer, and Nick Jerinic, mechanical sales engineer, both work closely with CCTY customers to design and engineer application-specific bearings that are specifically tailored to robotic specifications.  What do you …

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CCTY Product Line Offers Precision Engineering for Humanoid Robotics

As the demand for more advanced humanoid robots continues to grow, the need for custom components engineered to withstand rigorous use while maintaining precision and efficiency has become increasingly critical. At the forefront of this innovation, CCTY is revolutionizing the robotic bearing design and assembly process by offering more than just off-the-shelf solutions.  Engineering experts …

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CCTY Innovations Showcased at Robotics Summit & Expo 

Last week, attendees of this year’s Robotics Summit & Expo in Boston, Mass., got to experience firsthand the latest innovations driving the advancement of robotic technology. As one of the key players at the forefront of this industry, CCTY showcased its groundbreaking articulating joint bearing innovations that are completely revolutionizing the field of humanoid robotics.  …

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