CCTY Innovations Showcased at Robotics Summit & Expo 


Last week, attendees of this year’s Robotics Summit & Expo in Boston, Mass., got to experience firsthand the latest innovations driving the advancement of robotic technology. As one of the key players at the forefront of this industry, CCTY showcased its groundbreaking articulating joint bearing innovations that are completely revolutionizing the field of humanoid robotics. 

As the robotics industry continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, humanoid robots have emerged as a focal point of innovation. These lifelike machines are now capable of seamless movement and interaction enabled by a complex interplay of precision engineering and cutting-edge technology—with bearings serving as the linchpin behind this fluid motion control. 

During the Robotics Summit & Expo, CCTY engineering experts addressed several key topics highlighting how bearing innovations are shaping the future of humanoid robotics: 

  • Crucial Role of Bearings in Robotics: While articulating joints are responsible for the range of motion, bearings play a vital function in ensuring the smooth and precise movement of humanoid robots. This requires the meticulous performance of their components, making the choice of bearings a critical engineering decision. 
  • Key Industry Challenges: Discussions covered the significance of seals in various robotic applications, how to strike the right balance in minimizing torque and clearance for optimal precision and range of motion, and the impact of backlash on humanoid robots—underscoring the intricate nuances involved in optimizing robot performance. 
  • Customizable Bearings Approach: CCTY emphasizes the importance of customizable bearing solutions tailored to the specific needs of the evolving robotics industry. By offering a bespoke approach to bearing design, material selection and engineering, CCTY ensures its customers receive components that meet their exact requirements. 

In response to an increasing push for advancements in robotic technology, CCTY is engineering the future of humanoid robotics with its state-of-the-art innovations. In fact, it is currently the only bearing manufacturer offering the unique combination of a customizable approach to bearing selection and an established portfolio of bearing innovations for the robotics industry. 

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