Employee Spotlight: Yaman Obaid & Nick Jerinic, Robotics 


Pictured above is robotics engineer, Yaman Obaid, at the Robotics Summit & Expo.

This month, we are highlighting two robotic experts that some of you may have met at the Robotics Summit & Expo last week. Yaman Obaid, robotics engineer, and Nick Jerinic, mechanical sales engineer, both work closely with CCTY customers to design and engineer application-specific bearings that are specifically tailored to robotic specifications. 

What do you enjoy most about working in the robotics industry? 

“The constant evolution and pushing of technological boundaries allow room for a lot of creativity and innovation. What’s exciting is that robots have the potential to greatly impact society in many ways—from performing dangerous tasks to assisting in medical procedures.” – Yaman 

“The robotics industry is always changing and improving—especially in the humanoid sector. There is always something new to learn, whether on the software or hardware side. It is never static. This pushes me to continuously evolve as the industry changes.” – Nick 

Mechanical sales engineer, Nick Jerinic, representing CCTY at the Robotics Summit & Expo.

What do you find most exciting about the future of humanoid robotics? 

“Advancements in motion control technology are enhancing the precision of robotic movement while enabling faster speed and greater efficiency. This will ultimately boost productivity and transform the way industries such as manufacturing and logistics operate.” – Yaman 

“Robotics elevates the already high standards for precision in motion control, which in turn requires dedication and ingenuity in the design and engineering of these bearings. Every day I come to work, I get to see the progression of fluid robotic motion in real time.” – Nick 

How do you see CCTY contributing to robotic advancement? 

“As robots evolve to become more sophisticated and capable, there will be a growing demand for enhanced bearing solutions. CCTY is committed to meeting this demand by leveraging our expertise in developing compact and efficient bearings. Our innovative approach allows for solutions that not only meet the requirements of today’s robotics industry, but also anticipate the needs of tomorrow.” – Yaman 

“Humanoids are a very complex machine, and engineers can easily overlook smaller components while focused on the bigger picture of making the first fully functional humanoid. Striking the right balance between adequate torque and clearance can be a real challenge during the design process. CCTY bridges that gap to achieve precise, fluid motion control.” – Nick 

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