Answers to the 5 Most Asked Bearing Questions


Bearings play an important role in just about everything that moves – from fans and roller skates to ATVs and hospital beds. As a manufacturer, CCTY Bearing Company fields a lot of questions about bearings and bearing assemblies.

Below are the most common bearing questions we receive:

1 What type of bearing grease do you recommend?

It all depends on the application. Grease is an important component to the life of a bearing, so getting it right is vital to the overall performance.

Below are factors to choose a proper grease:

  • Environment temperature
  • Working temperature
  • Bearing speed
  • Working Load
  • Vibration
  • Is shaft vertical or horizontal?
  • Is it possible that water will get into the bearing?

Once the particulars about the application are decided, the right grease recommendation can be made.

2 What is the difference between a ZZ and 2RS?

ZZ means that there is a shield on each side of the bearing. ZZ is non-contact type of bearing, so it is applicable to high speed applications.

2RS means that there is a seal on each side of the bearing. 2RS is a contact lip seal, so it has better seal performance and more friction than ZZ type.

3 Can more than one type of bushing fit an application?

Yes. The key is finding the best fit.

4 Can a bushing replace a bearing?

Yes. For example, a TSA bushing may replace a needle roller bearing. Ask a bearing expert to see if there is a bushing alternative for your application.

5 Should I use a sealed spherical plain bearing in an application?

Yes. A sealed spherical plain bearing is always recommended if there are no extra seals outside of the spherical plain bearing.

Do you have a question about bearings?

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