Seat Bushings FAQ

What is the difference between seat bushings and seat bushes? Seat bushes and bushings refer to the same component. Many European companies use the term “bushes” while “bushings” is the preferred term in the US. Why are seat bushings important? Seat bushes help to raise and lower headrests and armrests, and recline, elevate and slide …

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What’s Happening to the Price of Steel (Infographic)

China produces and consumes more than half of the world’s metals. The Chinese government set an aggressive goal of reducing overcapacity in steel and modernizing facilities in accordance with its 2020 climate goals. China aims to meet its target two years earlier than planned – in 2018. These changes will result in: Cleaner air. To …

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Are You ISO Certified?

This is a common question for bearing manufacturers and refers to ISO and/or TS certification. These acronyms have been tossed around for so long that newer buyers know to ask the question, but may be unaware of what the different levels of certification mean.

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5 Ways to Prevent Bearing Shipping Fails

Although bearings are the workhorses in motion, they need to be treated with kid gloves during shipping. Why? The slightest nick can damage the bearing’s performance. Here are five questions you should ask your bearing supplier when it comes to shipping:

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Answers to the 5 Most Asked Bearing Questions

Bearings play an important role in just about everything that moves – from fans and roller skates to ATVs and hospital beds. As a manufacturer, CCTY Bearing Company fields a lot of questions about bearings and bearing assemblies.

Below are the most common bearing questions we receive:

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