Tie Rods

CCTY’s Motion Control Product Line for Heavy Truck & Bus Applications

Whether in construction, agriculture or mining, the need for reliable, high-performance motion control within the heavy truck and bus market is crucial. CCTY combines expertise and advanced engineering to deliver superior products that withstand even the harshest environments and heaviest loads. As a leading global manufacturer of motion control solutions, CCTY offers a wide range …

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Forklift Tie Rod Saves OEM Cost & Improves Service Life

When a forklift OEM provided samples for a tie rod quote, CCTY engineers took a look at the overall design. Based on knowledge from working with similar applications in the commercial truck industry, the engineers were able to improve the tie rods used in the steering mechanism.

Tie rods in forklift steering are traditionally metal-on-metal, which requires periodic re-greasing and leads to a shortened lifespan. They also include a coil spring and two cups behind the ball joint. CCTY’s design utilized a metal on nylon, self-lubricating design that eliminated the need for cups and the spring – providing cost savings.

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