Double Row Angular Contact Bearing for Wheel Hubs & Knuckles


Double row angular contact wheel bearings have two split inner rings, a solid outer ring and integral seals. The CCTY Bearing Company wheel bearing is made specifically for off-road vehicles. Due to the working environment, they must have tight seals designed to prevent ingress of containments, such as mud, dirt and dust, while maintaining proper torque values.

Below are the most commonly asked questions about double row angular contact wheel bearings.

Where do these bearings best work?

Double row angular contact bearings are suitable for ATV wheel hubs and knuckles, as well as three-wheeled vehicle knuckles and wheel hubs.

What does the split do?

The split in this type of bearings allows bigger contact angle and more balls in the design. Additional balls mean that the bearing can take a higher axial and radial load.

What tests do the bearings undergo?

Since these bearings are used mainly in the off-road market, tests that are of utmost importance include:

  • Mud Slurry
  • Grease Purge (also known as Grease Leakage)
  • Life


Bearing manufacturers that are focused in the ATV market should have the tests stands at the factory. Onsite testing allows for consistent quality control and testing while speeding up delivery.

How does this type of bearing reduce costs?

Double row angular contact bearings are similarly priced across the market. Cost savings are achieved when the bearing and hub, or bearing and knuckle, are shipped as one unit. Reducing the number of suppliers and steps in the on-site assembly process lowers the overall cost.

What to look for in double row angular contact bearing manufacturers?

This type of bearing is press fit into a housing and usually has a shaft pressed into the bore of the bearing. These highly stressed applications can benefit from alternate chamfer, proper working contact angle or optimal clearance. Working with a manufacturer that can provide flexible manufacturing in these areas and recommendations on fits and clearances is a value added partner.