Employee Spotlight: John Sweetwood, Product Manager


This month, we are highlighting one of our team members, John Sweetwood, who is a product manager based out of our U.S. facility in Lake Zurich, Illinois. With a background in strategic sales management, he provides supply chain solutions and engineering support for our customers throughout North America, with a growing focus on the heavy truck and bus market.

What do you enjoy most about your work in the heavy truck and bus market?

At CCTY, we have a unique combination of desire to learn about our customer’s application, understand their unique challenges, and mobilize resources to design the right solution. We have critical in-house processes that allow us to be experts in heat treatment, self-lubricating materials, surface treatments and injection molding. Combining these capabilities with our in-house testing facilities gives me the opportunity to deliver an optimal solution for my customers.

What trends are you seeing in this space as it relates to motion control?

Our customers continually push us to do more with less, which inspires us to innovate new ways to increase their product performance while reducing costs. Oftentimes, this involves converting a design from one requiring maintenance to being entirely maintenance free. Other common challenges include increasing the load capacity, range of motion and life expectancy.

How are you seeing CCTY contribute to this industry advancement?

Marshalling our expertise and resources throughout the design and engineering process continues to win us business. Because we work so closely with our customers, we are able to design specifically to each application. This means that we are constantly pushing our engineering team to find creative solutions that result in products with the capacity to accommodate higher loads, convert to maintenance free and improve overall performance.

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