CCTY is a different kind of manufacturer

Backed by a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, CCTY cultivates innovation through design and production. The new plant measures 750,000 square feet and contains the latest robotics, testing and production equipment. It is also the work site for more than 100 engineers. These engineers partner with original equipment manufacturers to find solutions to friction control issues.

CCTY’s design team has revolutionized steering columns in agricultural equipment, reduced weight in snowmobiles and engineered chain anchor bolts for the material handling industry. Engineers are continually finding ways to reduce costs and increase load weights.

Our manufacturing capabilities are leveraged by our skilled engineering team to provide supplier efficiency for original equipment manufacturers.

Innovation also extends to new product lines. The spherical plain bearing options, chain anchor bolts and the Square Ball Universal Joint are leading the way in transforming the motion control industry.

“Innovation begins with an idea – or a challenge.”

-Evan Poulakidas, Director of North America